The Chief’s Crocodile Pond

Paga  Paga

This weekend we drove up to a town called Paga, which is on the Burkina Faso border. This small town is famous for its sacred crocodile ponds and the locals believe that the crocodiles hold the souls of the village’s deceased. The crocodiles inhabiting the sacred pond are protected and the locals living in Paga regularly interact with the 110 crocodiles who live in the crocodile sanctuary. Ghanaians go swimming in the pond and they even wash their clothes and go fishing in there. Remarkably, no one has ever been eaten! Paga Croc Pond

We decided to take on the croc challenge and get up close with them. We bought a chicken and threw this towards a large crocodile with 3 legs. We dared to go closer and had our snaps taken next to these friendly beasts. Beatrix decided to keep a safe distance away from the crocs and she had her picture taken with a statue instead.



Paga   crocodile pond paga

paga   paga

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