Our Final Meeting With The Crafts Workers Of Bolga

Yesterday, we had our stakeholders meeting with the local crafts people living in Bolgatanga. We’d decided to do an informal meeting where we could educate the crafts workers in global products and product diversification. We invited spokes people from the smock makers group, the basket weaving groups, the fabric weavers, disabled craftswomen and the leather workers.

Volunteer Ghana

We kept the meeting flexible and open where we could talk with the crafts workers and have a workshop style feel. Although these crafts workers are highly skilled in making products we wanted to show them new product ideas which would boost their sales and hopefully increase their income. We had created various mood boards (featured below) and we walked the people from the crafts sector around the displays showing them new shapes and ideas.

Volunteer meeting    volunteer   volunteer meeting   volunteer meeting

We had open discussions and a question and answer style approach. The crafts workers seemed very involved and interested in the open discussions and they had many questions. The meeting was a success and all the people who were invited attended – even the press! We purposely separated the crafts workers away from their groups and mixed them up with other crafts workers. This approach worked and encouraged discussion and it was lovely to see because the crafts workers were interested in our ideas and they had lots to say to each other.

volunteer     stakeholders meeting

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