Our Final Days…

To sum up our time in Bolga, here’s a short summary of what we have achieved!

VolunteerWe unpicked the last teams report which explored some of the issues that the crafts workers in Bolga face and we’ve added a supplementary report to run along side this. This includes a detailed analysis which investigates the supply chains for the disabled crafts women, basket makers, smock makers, fabric weavers and the leather workers. This report will form part of solid research which can then be used and referenced back to when applying for funding in the near future.

VOLUNTEER     Volunteer

– This research sent us into the field and we worked alongside the crafts workers. We interviewed them and questioned them about their work in order to gain an insight for the report. This work allowed us to work closely with the national volunteers, Winnie and Conrad. They helped us to translate amongst the communities and were a great support in the field.

We then started to test the waters involving fundraising strategies. This involved us filming and editing a short fundraising clip in order to post online and see the response on a crowd funding website – ‘We The Trees’.We The Trees campaign It is live and on the web and has 45 days left to raise the funds for an experimental farming project. – Please help to share and donate.

When we had completed the film we were lucky enough to have the chance to go on live radio. This is URA radio station in Bolgatanga and we were able to talk about all of our work and activities in Ghana with IS.

To finish up our work here we presented a workshop style meeting to the representatives from each of the crafts groups. The workshop was to show some of the people working in Bolga new product designs and ideas. We completed market research of global products that are received well around the world and presented these to the crafts workers with a Ghanaian market in mind. We wanted the crafts workers to ask lots of questions and have lots of discussions with different members in other crafts groups. The meeting was successful and provoked lots of discussions and responses.

Volunteer      Volunteer

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