URA Radio – Take 2

Bolgatanga       Radio URA Ghana

Since our last post featuring our radio appearance we were invited to go back to the radio station again and yesterday we attended the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. We joined Conrad this week and we took the afternoon slot discussion which focuses on trade within the region.


We were excited to discuss our project progression and our ‘We The Trees’ fundraising campaign. We also talked about the success of our end of project workshop with the stakeholders. The hot topics were about our meeting and we enjoyed sharing our stories about the day. We liked talking about the crafts workers and their interest in our ideas on product diversification.

Our interviewer was Sophia Ackumey and she kept us on our toes about our current activities in Bolga. She was very interested in our purpose out here and our continuing work with International Service and Trade AID. She asked us about the next phase of the INCOME project and about the next team coming out and our recommendations towards their placement.

Radio URA BolgatangaWe all thought that it was lovely of them to ask us back to round up our time in Bolga. We thoroughly enjoyed our hours slot on the radio and were excited about being live on air again.

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