Why we’re out in Ghana

Whilst we are out in Ghana we are taking part in the International Citizen Service programme (ICS). This is the UK’s leading global volunteering programme for young people who want to become volunteers; this scheme is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID)

ICS brings together young people from different countries to fight poverty – with volunteers from the UK working alongside national volunteers from the developing world. Each project is designed to fight poverty and make a lasting difference in working with local people to meet local needs. The projects we are working on are suggested by local people, addressing the needs of the community.

International Service is the charity we are working for which pairs small groups of UK volunteers aged 18-25 with young national volunteers in Ghana. Together, we are working on a project in Bolgatanga with Trade Aid where we are sharing experiences and insights regarding the craft sector.

IS is new to Ghana and they opened an office in Tamale in the Northern Region in July 2012. There are a few main focuses while we are out here, these are; to support local partners and promote the rights of people living with disabilities; develop sustainable livelihoods and build their ability to operate more effectively.

We have received very good training from IS in the UK and in Ghana. It was a great to meet out team and also the national volunteers who we will work closely with. We have learnt many things about Ghanaian life, food and culture and we have even learnt the local lingo and dance!

PLEASE NOTE: This blog reflects our individual opinions and experiences. Any views are our own and not those of DFID, International Service or Trade Aid.


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